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Eighth grade general science and living environment teacher



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Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:15 PM
5 Genetics
The investment in time spent was well worth it. I found that I had a good handle on some areas and was guided in areas that needed improvement. Looking for my next topic to study.

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5 Resources

Resources on for use in middle school and high school. DNA extraction from various foods and information on careers.

Biotechnology in the Middle School Curriculum
Type: Journal Article

Bread Making: Classic Biotechnology and Experimental Design
Type: Journal Article

All About Matter

10 Resources

Resources for developing lessons on teaching atoms, molecules and matter.

middle school chemistry lessons
Type: User uploaded resource

Science Shorts: All That Matters
Type: Journal Article

Energy changes

25 Resources

Articles, activities related to forms of energy and energy transformations

Podcast: NGSS Core Ideas: Energy
Type: Podcast

Coffee Can Speakers: Amazing Energy Transformers
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