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Blue Valley High School is a small rural high school in Northeast Kansas. I have the privilege of being the only high school science teacher in my district. I am fortunate to be able to teach the same students throughout their entire high school career. This year, I am teaching Applied Statistics and Analysis in Science, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics, and College Biology. I love the challenges that this workload presents and enjoy integrating all the disciplines of science with math and statistics so students best understand the process of science.




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Yesterday, 9:15 PM in Producers as Prey?
Jolene makes a very good point about the difference between herbivory and predation.  In predation, one organism kills and consumes another. The reason why herbivores cannot be seen as predators is because they don't eat the entire plant.  For the most part, they graze on the aboveground portion of the plant.  Even if they eat the entire aboveground portion, plants can generate more tissue becaus...

Yesterday, 9:02 PM in Fossils
Hi Karen,  Bev gives some really great suggestions.   You might also check with your County Extension Agent about 4-H Geology.  If your county or surrounding counties have a program, then their project leader (which many times is a professional geologist), might be able to share with your students.  If not, Extension might have ideas where local fossils could be found.  Another thought is t...

Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:50 PM in Safety Culture
Hi Emily,  I think your study is very timely.  Once complete you should share your findings here so we can see what you find.   Developing a culture of safety in the high school lab is very important. On a similar note, Dr. Ken Roy posted a link to ACS New Chemical Lab Safety Series for High School in the listserv today.  Since not everyone who uses the Learning Center is a subscriber to th...

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Yesterday, 9:32 PM
5 Practical information
Whether you are planning a remodel or in the process of constructing a new science facility, this resource is a must. It offer practical information that will ensure you build the safest facility possible for your students.

Thu Mar 14, 2019 1:06 PM
5 Concise and helpful!
A great column that gives an overview of what parameters teachers should use when considering the purchase of seating in the lab. Excellent for teachers to share with their administration to explain why they need to purchase specialized seating.

Thu Mar 14, 2019 12:57 PM
5 An unique way to have students think about lab safety
At the start of every course, we encourage our students to think about lab safety. By the time, they reach their college courses, lab safety may seem a little blasé. This case study gives a humorous way to discuss the importance of lab safety as an introduction to further explore how to development of climate and culture of safety.

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Here are several resources that will better help elementary school students better understand the concept of friction.

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