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I am a students majoring in Elementary Education at Florida International University and minoring in Psychology. I love reading and I might as well admit that I'm obsessed with some young adult authors works of fiction. Teaching is a career I've always imagined doing so I'm looking forward to being the best teacher I can possibly be - that includes constantly learning and striving to help my future students learn.

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Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:20 PM in Kindergarten activities
This sounds like a great idea. It really gets them excited about what they will be exploring throughout the whole year. I would also ask the students what they would like to learn about either in context of what they are going to learn or something out of the box. You might get that one child who really knows a lot about one thing and to encourage and support that interest would really get that ch...

Sun Apr 17, 2016 2:16 PM in Weather and Elementary
I would say that teaching them separately from whatever season you are in would be a good idea. Having hands on activities and maybe even transforming the classroom into the season might be helpful. That way the students are immersed in one season at one time and can learn through books, science experiments or rotating group hands-on exploration.

Sun Nov 22, 2015 11:00 PM in Assigning Homework
I've seen the big packet done when I've observed elementary teachers, but there have been problems with it getting lost. However, students should keep their homework in a certain folder just for homework. I personally think an assignment a day is better. You can just tear out worksheets you want them to complete each day and have them do assignments for spelling/vocabulary weekly but with differen...

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Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:10 AM
5 Forces of Motion
I thought this collection had a variety of materials that teachers can use in the classroom. It helps bring knowledge of what affects motion to the forefront. I found the article about Do Moving Objects Carry a Force With Them to be very interesting and useful. It has a jumping off point that any student, I think, will be excited to explore (a penny falling from the empire state building). The figures and mathematics behind it can really tell me the application of force on an object. Another article I found interesting in the collection was How Does Force Affect Motion? I think identifying misconceptions of something you want to teach your classroom is always important. It also let me know what students are missing or what their misconceptions could be which can be a good jumping off point or something to remember when planning lessons around this topic. Overall, I thought this collection provided useful info that I can use in the future.

Wed Nov 25, 2015 1:09 AM
5 The Food Chain!
I really enjoyed the variety of resources I found in your collection. The Figuring Out Food Chains journal article has a great lesson that factors in a read aloud book which I think kids will get excited about. I always enjoy reading aloud to students too so that's a bonus for me. I also like the lesson on the Insect Habitat Web which reminded me of the population demonstration because of students seeing connections between the organisms using yarn. I really like the web idea since you can use it with so many different animals in different ecosystems. The soil book chapter is also helpful since soil is such a huge part of a food chain that might not be necessarily talked about when students learn about food chains. Your Interdependence of Life science object was helpful since it embodies what food chain are all about. This was a wonderful collection!

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