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I am a senior at FIU currently studying Elementary Education, I plan to get my Masters in Educational Leadership and continue on to get my Doctorates ito be able to become a superintendent. I hope to work in Miami-Dade County Public Schools as this is where I received my education and believe many problems lie.


Florida International University

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Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:58 PM in Science Notebook
Emmalee, I am actually a college student and in our Teaching Elementary Science class, we keep both a science journal and a science notebook. Our journal is used to take class and observational notes, notes about any experiments we do, any questions that our professor has us respond to and we are also required to reflect on the class each day, as a review for ourselves. Our science notebook is ...

Sat Nov 28, 2015 8:48 PM in Getting girls involved in Science
Amber, I can speak to this as I am a female college student who never had much of an interest in science. It is only now, in one of my senior semesters of college that I am actually realizing that science is so bad and I can find some enjoyment in it. I can attribute this interest to the fact that my professor structures our classes in such a way that we are constantly engaging with our peers ...

Mon Nov 24, 2014 2:55 PM in Combining Science with Art
Connecting art with science is a great idea because science is a topic that isn't favored by many students as it is. By connecting it to art and allowing the students to express themselves and their work through art, the students will be engaged. Websites: The students can learn about the life cycle of a butterfly and create the butterfly as ...

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Fri Dec 04, 2015 1:52 PM
5 Collection Review
I decided to review Denise Chamorro’s collection, titled “My Collection.” Looking through her resources, she had a lot of great resources that serves for the overall purpose of our class – not one idea in particular. These resources would serve best for teaching how to use inquiry in lessons, how to incorporate the nature of science into labs, how to properly teach science and how to make science learning a more pleasant experience for English Language Learners which is really useful to those of us that will be teaching in South Florida. Overall, I think that her collection was really useful and I have saved some of her resources to my own library.

Wed Nov 26, 2014 9:36 PM
5 Vanessa's Review
I was interested in this collection because I would like to teach this age group, from kindergarten to second grade. When I reviewed Alexandra's collection I was able to see that she had several different types of resources ranging from articles to science objects and sci packs. The Interdependence of Life SciPack is a great resource because it provides plenty of information for both the teacher and the students. The teachers can use the SciPack to find the facts needed to develop their lessons and also access the pedagogical implications and choose from multiple strands for a topic of a lesson. The inclusion of the other articles about students' ideas about plants, and food for thought, the teacher is able to assess what students know about plants and then be able to state what they know about the use of plants as food or energy for other animals. As science is a subject that is not often given the credit deserved, it is important for teachers to choose engaging topics and activities for the students and I think Alexandra has done a good job with this. I have saved a few of these articles to my library in order to access them the next time I do a lesson on plants or want to teach my students about coral reefs.

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FA #3

6 Resources

I will be using the resources from this collection in order to find the information for my 3rd field assignment.

Science 101: What Is Gravity?
Type: Journal Article

Simplifying Inquiry Instruction
Type: Journal Article

FA #3

This collection of articles will serve as resources to best help me create a strong foundation for FA #3 - Part 2 to teach my students the concept of gravity.

The Effect of Seat Location on Exam Grades and Student Perceptions in an Introductory Biology Class
Type: Journal Article

Editor's Note: Looking at Environmental Education
Type: Journal Article