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I am a junior at McKendree University in Lebanon, IL. I am an undergraduate in the Elementary Education program. I work with children of all ages in a before and after school program. I love working with students to better themselves and further their education! I am also studying sign language and hope to combine both teaching and ASL in my future career.

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Sun Feb 11, 2018 3:29 PM
5 Wonderful Discussion Activity!
This article opened my eyes to the misconceptions students may have about clouds. I have never truly thought about what clouds may look like in the eyes of children. I know I didn't think about the natural phenomenon of clouds much as a child. My only thought was that they release rain. I love how in depth this article goes into about the resources of confusion when teaching the water cycle. Teaching the water cycle and states of matter are closely related instructional topics, so I would definitely use this article as a resource when teaching these topics to my students. I especially love the idea of whether a cloud is a solid, liquid, or a gas as a discussion starter to spark student thinking.

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Science 101: How does a telescope work?
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