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I am a Professor of Science Education at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN. Prior to coming to Bethel, I was the science curriculum facilitator at the school district level. I have taught at all levels and currently teach methods and content courses, in addition to courses for our elementary STEM certificate. I am a member of the NSTA Elementary Science Committee.





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Mon Aug 08, 2016 1:06 PM in Science Teachers' Learning: Chapters 2 and 3. NSTA Book Study August 1 - 8
Great question, John. I wonder if it has to do with the nature of the student AND pedagogical content knowledge. The research on middle level students clearly points to active, authentic experiences in collaboration with others. If they are being taught as a "mini high school" with lecture and traditional tests, it would make sense that little is retained. Sadly, as I visit middle school science c...

Sun Jul 31, 2016 10:34 PM in Science Teachers' Learning: Chapters 2 and 3. NSTA Book Study August 1 - 8
Following Eric's model, I'll begin by posting my own reflections on the questions. When I think of something that affirms my own beliefs, I am drawn to the statement, "science practices are not synonymous simply with "hands-on" activities" (p. 38). As Banilower et al. (2013) found, about 60% of science teachers in the NSSME survey reported using "hands-on" activities, yet few allowed sufficien...

Sun Jul 31, 2016 8:47 PM in Science Teachers' Learning: Chapters 2 and 3. NSTA Book Study August 1 - 8
Hi everyone! It's been fun getting acquainted, and now it is time to begin connecting the research to our practice. Ken Huff and I will be facilitating the discussion for chapters two and three of our book. We'd like you to reflect on three questions (based partially on the Harvard thinking routines): What did you read that affirms something you already know and believe? What did you s...

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Sat Feb 20, 2016 5:32 PM
5 Force and Motioin
I have been using this book with our preservice elementary education STEM students. As we explore meaningful integration of STEM in the elementary classroom, this book assists them in solidifying their conceptual understanding of force and motion.

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