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My name is Brooke Neal and I am a senior at UNI. I am an Elementary Education major who hopes to teach a 2nd grade class in the near future.



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Fri Nov 02, 2018 9:56 PM in Learning Science Concepts through Play
Kathy,  This article was a great resource for discussing playful learning, thank you for sharing! I have always been a strong believer that children learn by doing, and learn so much on their own just by exploring during playtime. Children explore using their own interests, which is why I believe they stay more engaged, than during a typical science lesson. I have not finished my BA in Elem...

Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:39 PM in Science Time in Elementary
Andrea,  Your concern about the lack of science instruction time in the classroom, is a concern that many preservice teachers have. It is unfortunate that schools are not allowing time for science, as science helps students grow in so many ways. I am a preservice teacher as well, at the University of Northern Iowa. We have discussed this issue and I can share with you what I have learned so fa...

Thu Oct 25, 2018 2:42 PM in How to get kids hooked on Science
Hi Katie! The number one rule I have learned, while learning how to teach science, is to always provide your students with a phenomenon. Providing your students with a phenomenon will get them motivated to learn and curious about the upcoming topic.  A specific topic that we have previously been introduced to, is the idea of why an object sinks or floats. Provide students with a bucket of w...