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I am a 6th grade science teacher. This is my 7th year of teaching after have spent 5 years as High School Science Teacher teaching both Biology and Project Lead the Way Biomedical Science courses at Del Lago Academy in Escondido, CA. I love the process of learning and engaging my scholars. That moment when they make a connection or solve a problem or the pride that they have their work is the best! Before becoming a science educator I served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Morocco and worked as a field Biologist.





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Wed Apr 05, 2017 12:58 PM in Sharing Rubrics for Competencies - Feedback Welcome!
Hello Science Education Professionals,  I wanted to share a few of the rubrics that I had created with my colleagues at my last school and get feedback from you. Please feel free to use these and let me know your thoughts for improvement.  Regards,  Amanda 

Thu Feb 02, 2017 10:11 AM in Late Work
Hi Michelle, I am a high school teacher. At my first school I had a similar policy but would allow students to recoup the other half of their credit for late work if they came in at lunch or for my after school tutorial to make it up. The policy in my department was half credit for work but I realized quickly, like Adeliz, that the students who were consistently turning in late work or worse n...

Fri Jan 27, 2017 1:24 PM in New User
Hi Christina and Thank you Pamela for being such a great part of this professional learning community! The how to videos are great and definitely will help you get set up so that you can connect with other teachers and fluidly share resources. Also if you click on the badges on your profile page you will get a list of what earns you badges and points in the learning center. You can also follow ...

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Wed Jul 13, 2016 2:27 PM
5 Heart Warming Idea for Science and Reflection
I was looking for lesson ideas for Elementary Life Cycles Units when I came across this editors note. The lesson idea warmed my heart. I love the idea of making this lesson long term and reflective. Any time we can get students writing and connecting personally to the content we are setting them up for success. To connect this back to life cycles that they learn at the beginning of the year, wow! Now we are really coming full circle. I would love to be a student in this class!

Thu Jun 30, 2016 10:10 AM
5 Springboard for planning deep learning
I found this preview of the book "A Year of Inquiry" very useful in my planning. The preview includes the introduction and the chapter about inquiry surrounding the mysteries of comets. The introduction is insightful and paints a broader view of teaching science as teaching a set of practices with inquiry being one of many. The purpose of the book is stated to provide, "a source of ideas and a springboard for developing your own strategies." With this idea in mind I read the first chapter and was not disappointed. I was walked through the inquiry lesson and following activities that took place for students to understand the structure and movement of comets through space. I felt as though I was sitting in the classroom when i read the teacher and student dialogues discussing their models. Although I do not teach physical science I can see adapting this lesson structure with an entry event, model building, presentation, discussion and revision in to my high school Biology class.

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