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My name is Rachael, I attend Merrimack College. I am a Human Development Major in concentration of Early Childhood Education and will soon be perusing Moderate Disabilities.

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Sun Sep 06, 2015 7:02 PM in Assigning Homework
I definitely believe homework should be given each night. How else are they going to learn? Most of the time they spend in class is zoning out so to review it.... HOMEWORK! Don't overload, but just a couple worksheets isn't going to kill them.

Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:59 PM in kids think I hate them?!?!
Teaching at that grade level is hard, at that point it is all she said he said. Once one rotten apple starts this teacher wasn't nice, they all start to believe it. At that age they don't want to put in any of the effort they have to, and they start to just hate school in general. Its not just you, its school in general. Its the age range, that time there is so many hormones they can get nasty.

Sun Sep 06, 2015 6:55 PM in 1st year teachers and parents
Hi when I do graduate I am most certainly going to have the same concern however, I know most parents love having new teachers for their children. As new teachers we are most likely younger, and can bring fresh new ideas to the table. Of course there is always going to be the few parents who do not like the idea, but its not their choice as long as you try your best everyday that's all that matter...