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Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:37 PM
5 Heredity and Variation
I chose this SciPack because I have always been interested in heredity and the various components that play a part in how it appropriately works. Overall, I really enjoyed this SciPack. I felt that it was very informational as well as interactive. I enjoyed learning more in depth about heredity and offspring, and I felt that the topics were organized in a very sensible way. I was able to piece together all of the information that I had learned and taken notes over when completing my final assessment and it made me realize that I was able to really put my knowledge to the test. I loved the interactive websites included for each topic, they were actually very entertaining. When I began this SciPack I was nervous and intimidated simply because I have never done well in Science throughout my academic career, but I definitely believe that this website and the creation of these SciPacks can be very beneficial for students depending on the age group. Overall, I would suggest this for teachers as well as my peers in order to gain knowledge over a certain topic or lesson.

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