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Tricia Shelton worked with Kentucky students for 22 years as a middle school and high school science teacher and teacher leader. Tricia is a 2014 NSTA Distinguished Teaching Award winner for her contributions to and demonstrated excellence in science teaching. Tricia served as an EQuIP Trainer for Achieve and a Professional Learning Designer and Facilitator for many organizations before joining the NSTA team. At NSTA, Tricia is the Chief Learning Officer and, in that capacity, works to support educators and students across the county as they work to integrate contemporary research in science education into classroom teaching and learning.




Boone County Schools

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Fri Jul 07, 2017 10:52 AM in Bellringers that prompt discussion of cross-cutting concepts
Hi Douglas! I have some question stems that I use for the purpose you describe.  These stems and questions are can certainly be used to help students link core ideas, clarify thinking and understanding about core ideas, confront misconceptions about core ideas, and work to explain phenomena or develop solutions to problems.  I have uploaded them as files here and attached STEM Teaching Tools. r...

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