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I am a future middle school math and science teacher!

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Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:34 PM in STEM ideas- 5th grade dissolving activities
Hi Amanda!  So here's an engaging experiment you could use to teach diffusion. Pour several drops of a strongly scented liquid extract—like vanilla, lemon or mint—into a deflated balloon. Blow up the balloon slightly, tie off the end and put it into a box. Close the lid of the box and tape it shut. Let the box rest for a few minutes, then open one side of the box and ask students to sniff insi...

Thu Oct 31, 2019 9:02 PM in Solar System Unit Plan
Hi Amanda! I am also currently working on an unit plan on the Solar System for 5th grade. I found the website Mystery Science has a lot of great, engaging, hands-on activities and lesson plans. They have activities and lessons for the solar system and several other science topics for elementary and middle schoolers. Between NSTA and Mystery Science, I have discovered several useful resources! Hop...

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Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:42 PM
5 Reasons for the Seasons Review
This article really helps address the misconceptions students have about the reasons for the seasons. I find the model to be engaging for students and provides an opportunity for teachers to determine students' prior knowledge and misconceptions. This spheres and light activity provides students with an engaging visual that helps them to discover and correct their misconceptions.