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Dana Atwood-Blaine is the Jacobson Elementary Science Fellow and an Assistant Professor at the University of Northern Iowa. She is a member of the Iowa State Science Leadership Team, NSTA, ASTE, and ISTE. Dr. Atwood-Blaine comes to UNI from the University of Kansas, where she earned her doctorate in Curriculum & Instruction, with an Elementary Science Emphasis, and a minor in Geography (i.e. GIS, GPS, remote sensing, etc.) Her research interests focus on creating situated mobile games for learning as a way to bridge the gap between out-of-school learning experiences and in-school lessons.




University of Northern Iowa

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Sun Feb 18, 2018 10:40 AM in Science Phenomena
Kennedy, the link you provided does not take me to the place you intended. I am very interested in the chart you wanted to share. Would you please try to share it again? Thank you!