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Hi my name is Yeslien. I rather go by Yesly. I love animals, especially dogs. I have a pet poodle that makes my day everyday. I also enjoy country music, painting, and crafting!



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I have chosen this collection because I find the topic very interesting. This collection has lots of very useful resources for a science elementary classroom. I can use these articles if I wanted to teach about the weather in the future. My favorite article from this collection was the “Explaining Glaciers, Accurately”. I enjoyed this article the most because it helped me to better understand a glacier and exactly what it is for when I teach it to my students in the future. I liked how it started off with the basics and explained what glaciers do such as erode the earth by plucking and abrasion. It then defined what those two terms were. I also liked how the figures helped to explain glaciers by giving a visual. This collection was extremely helpful.

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