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Our school is one of the two schools in the entire district to have a devoted elementary science lab. As a Science Teacher, I make it a point to ignite the lives of students from grades 1 to 6. I especially enjoy designing lessons that incorporate STEM in the curriculum.




Owyhee Elementary School

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Mon Feb 16, 2015 6:43 PM in Force and Motion Assessment Probes-A Must Have
I finally got my copy of "Uncovering Student Ideas in Physical Science" by Page Keeley and Rand Harrington. This is a must have for teachers who teach physical science. I started using it in my classes to find out what students really know about forces and motion--the real-life scenarios really make students think deeper about what they are learning and helps me to know what gaps I need to fill....

Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:39 PM in Great Apps to Show What Students are Learning
Another good app is: Google Forms - which helps teachers create formative assessments and grade them, too. If you add Flubaroo, another app, it gives you another level of grading detail that I think very useful and informative.

Sun Dec 14, 2014 9:34 PM in Circuits
Stacy I don't know what age your students are but I bought the Snap Circuit kits for my student--the 100 & 300 Snap Circuit kit and they love it! They are not that expensive and the box says from 8 to 108 years old. Starting off my students with the Snap Circuit kit has made it easier for them to understand how circuits work. Now, some of them have been able to transfer what they learned from t...

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Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:27 AM
5 Assessing for Achievement
I highly recommend reading this article about the various ways teachers can use formative assessments in their 5E lesson planning. I found page 34 of the article a useful reminder of the many ways I can assessment my students throughout each step of my 5E lessons. The assessment template and exit ticket ideas in the article motivated me to create a formative assessment for a physical science lab my students are currently working on. Thank you Kathleen Adair Creghan and Casey Creghan for a great article!!

Wed Nov 26, 2014 1:41 PM
5 Force and Motion Module
This module is filled with simulations and concrete information that help you understand the concepts about forces and motion. To really get a better understanding of Newton's Law, I found myself referring to the book "Stop Faking It! Forces and Motion" again and again. The final assessment was tricky and challenging mainly because of the way the writers worded the questions so read carefully. Overall, I recommend this SciPack to everyone who is interested in learning more about Newton's Laws and how you can apply it in real life and in your lesson planning.

Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:29 AM
5 Energy: Thermal Energy, Heat and Temperature
Informative, easy to understand, lots of great practical examples, simulations and explanations. I would recommend it for any teacher who would like to understand how molecules respond under various temperatures and heat and how energy is transferred from one object to another via thermal energy, conduction, convection and radiation.

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