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Sat Apr 21, 2012 5:03 PM in Earth Day April 22, 2012
Arlene thank you for sharing the Earth Day info. I did not realize it was Earth day April 22. I especially liked the site, " Changing Climate: Middle" and the article. The project that the teacher provided where the students had to figure out how much emissions were taking place in their school driveways/parking lots was a real-life situation. In their project students, in their small groups, had ...

Sat Apr 14, 2012 2:32 AM in Classroom Procedures for Middle School Science
Sandy I really liked your two rules - "Do what is right" and Do it to the best of your ability." I have three rules in my classroom - be respectful, be responsible, and be safe but your two rules pretty much encompass my three. I also liked what you said regarding being consistent with classroom management. I find it OK in the beginning of the year but later on when kids get "used to everything" ...

Wed Apr 04, 2012 1:56 AM in Recycling projects - plastic caps and "trash fashion" show
Dawn I like your web sites re. the things we can recycle around the house to reuse our materials; especially the cereal box magazine holder, the plastic milk jug watering can, and the cardboard milk carton bird feeder. Engaging elementary students in the stewardship of our natural resources is a great idea - perk their interest while they are young. I think my middle school students would also li...

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Sat Apr 28, 2012 7:44 PM
5 An 8th grade science teacher’s perspective : Resources and Human Impact SciGuide
I found the Resources and Human Impact SciGuide to be like “one-stop shopping” everything is in one place. It is organized into three themes: Addressing Resource Use, Environment as a System, and Environmental Degradation. Within these themes were lesson plans and vignettes, simulations, web-based resources, articles and science content information. I used the lesson plan by Mary Patterson, Breaking News! We’re all out of Petroleum, Now What?” The lesson plan included sections of alignment of National Science Education Standards, time required, overall lesson goals, learning objectives, prerequisite knowledge; misconceptions/preconceptions, procedures/instructional strategies, presentation and planning rubrics, an internet resource list, and vignettes that described how the lesson was presented as well as some challenges experienced. My students were interested and engaged. Many commented they did not know about the various alternative renewable energy sources. The following interactive sites are informative, self-guided, and engaging activities for grade 8 students: Unrestricted Growth, Human Population Growth, Limiting Factor, Population Growth, Interactive Ecosystem, and Exponential Bacterial Growth. The SciGuide utilizes icons for quick reference of: hands on investigations, lesson ideas, online interactive activities, assessments, career information, inquiry materials, to mention a few. This is a time saver, merely look for the structures you desire in your lesson plan, and go to that site. An overall informative, engaging and well organized resource.