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Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:31 PM
5 Help! I'm Teaching Middle School Science
After coming out of elementary teaching and entering junior high teaching, I was looking for resources that would help me with the transition. This textbook has been a tremendous resource and one that I use on a weekly basis. I have recommended this book to several of my colleagues who have also made the transition to junior high. There is just a wealth of ideas from subjects to classroom management--all very relevant!

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Classroom Application Collection: Earth/Space Materials

14 Resources

The purpose for putting all of these particular resources together is to enhance my unit on the Earth-Moon-Sun and Deep/Near Space curricular concepts.

NSTA Resources - Scope and Sequence Assignment.docx
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The Dimensions of the Solar System
Type: Journal Article

Adult Learner Collection - Earth/Space Science

20 Resources

The purpose of putting these resources together is to help come up with better ways to instruct middle school students about the Earth-Moon-Sun relationship and the scale of distances between objects in space. Many students have quite a few misconceptions about these relationships and it is important to identify them and make sure students have a clear understanding of these fundamental concepts. The items selected here provide good instructional materials for teachers as well as offer additional activities to use with students to help with the instruction of the Earth-Sun-Moon relationship curriculum.

Science Shorts: Astronomies of Scale
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Idea Bank: Sun's Rays Strike Earth
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