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I am a senior at UT Tyler and am interested in teaching Kindergarten and first grade. I want to be a teacher because that is what I feel called to do. I love working with children and want to inspire them to want to learn. There is nothing that influenced me to be a teacher, I have said since I was in first grade that one day I was going to grow up and be a teacher. I strive to gain as much knowledge as I possibly can.



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Wed Feb 12, 2020 11:28 AM in Younger students attention
What are some ways to engage and capture young students attention, while being hands on, but not going over thier head with information?

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Yesterday, 1:32 AM
5 What happened to our Volcano?
I put this journal article originally in my library because the title caught my attention and I wanted to know where the author was taking this in the classroom. I learned a lot from this because it outlined the entire unit that the teacher went through. Not only did it go through teaching the students the steps of what happens to rocks over time it also brought in specialist and experts, and it connected it to the area that they lived in making in real to the students. This article would be a great resource when teaching the TEK 3.7A. I would use this as an outline to teach weathering, and then use it as a guide to help me find out specific information about the area that I am teaching in to make it relevant to the students in my class. It also gives a great field trip idea that I could look into something similar here since this is located in Rhode Island. I really enjoyed reading this article. It gave me many great ideas to use in my classroom when teaching weathering.

Mon Apr 06, 2020 12:05 AM
5 Hunting for Energy
I chose to put this article into my library because it was an investigation for the students and a different take on how to teach energy. This broke it down into exactly how to start a lesson on energy, the steps to go through to teach the material, how to solidify the students knowledge, and then how to wrap it up and assess what the students have learned. I learned a new way to present the material to students. This could be used to teach TEKS 4.6A and 5.6A. The materials could easily be adjusted to lower and higher students to meet the needs of all of them in order to teach a full Energy lesson from beginning to end. I wish the article would have stated the exact 11 stations that were used.

Fri Apr 03, 2020 1:13 AM
4 Good article for rethinking assessments
I like this article because it takes students thinking and knowledge beyond a pencil and paper test. This article highlights the fact that with standardized tests in Science, there is a gap in seeing the knowledge of the students. It does not require them to think like a scientist. It is a teachers responsibility to come in and create that thinking and then properly evaluate it. This assessment style can be used with any TEKS, and I can use this information to change testing in my classroom to better evaluate my students. I agree that testing for science needs to be hands on, and not recalling facts because that is not how science is. It is a very hands on subject, and should be treated that way.

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