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Hello my name is Alexis Seiwerth and I am in the second semester of the Elementary Education Teaching Program through Southern Illinois University Carbondale at CLC. I have a passion for helping, communicating, and interacting with children to help encourage and strive for their success in growth in every way. I am excited to learn new ways that will get students even further engaged and continue on my path as a future Elementary school teacher! I love science and learning about it even if it is not my strong suit I still find it very interesting, and can not wait to learn how to teach it to young children. A couple other things about me is that I am 23 years old, and have a loving dog named Layla that is a border collie, and a very lovable long haired sweet kitty named Zara, both girls. They are my little babies and I love them very much. I have three brothers, two older, and one younger, and my mom and dad. They are all very supportive of me on my journey through life!!!




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Mon Mar 23, 2020 2:07 PM in Modeling a Remote Teaching Lesson on the Nature of Science (NOS) and the definition of a PLANET
Maggie, I think that your post was so good, and hit on many key points that I too noticed and agree with. When you said “I learned nothing but the names of the planets and the order that they are in from the sun onwards. When I was answering the questions that went along with the video I was honestly stumped trying to answer "What is a Planet?" The fact that I can resite the names of the plane...

Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:47 PM in Modeling a Remote Teaching Lesson on the Nature of Science (NOS) and the definition of a PLANET
1. Why is it NOT okay to continue to teach what is in science textbooks if we know the information is outdated/no longer factual? Justify with evidence.  After watching the webinar I have learned so much new information that I did not know about our solar system and the planets. It is not okay to continue to teach what is in the science textbooks because the information is outdated and no lo...

Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:31 PM in Attributes of a Successful/Effective Teacher
Hello Maggie!  I could not agree more with you when you said “If you care about someone or something you tend to do whatever is necessary to make sure that they are successful”. This is such a serious thing and a teacher needs to care about each student know matter how hard they are to teach. It is our job to figure out what it takes to make this child successful! That also go with the patienc...