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I am working to become an elementary school teacher! I am a student in the multiple subject teaching credential program. I enjoy reading and learning about science. I have been in classroom environments for over 6 years and am exciting to start my teaching career. My interests include; going to the beach, camping, hiking, swimming, listening to music, and traveling. My goals are to have my own classroom, write a few books, help build curriculum, and to continue to design material and stay creative!





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Thu May 08, 2014 1:19 PM in Seating Charts
Whatever you do, DO NOT let them chose their own seats. I learned that much in my classroom management class in my teaching credential program. Seating charts should be us to help classroom management and keep talkers separate and to help with student focus and attention. The ability grouping can be arranged during a reading time or a group work time but not necessarily durning class seating.

Thu May 08, 2014 1:13 PM in Relationships with students
Hello, I feel the best way to start making a personal relationship with your students is to let them know you value them. Ask them for help! Let them teach YOU something in stead of you teaching them something. During lunch you can ask, "I'm going to read a book this weekend to my cousin who is about your age, what book should I read to him/her? What book do you recommend?" and from there you ...

Sat Apr 19, 2014 1:05 PM in Middle School Astronomy Night
What a great idea and wonderful way to get students interested in astrology!

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My Solar System Resource Collection

6 Resources

I specifically hand selected these resources to help me gain insight on the solar system topic. I selected the solar system as a point of interest because I felt that that was a weak area growing up. I lack solar system knowledge and felt these resources are easy to read and give great advice on how to teach elementary students (particularly fifth graders) how the solar system works, which planets are in our solar system, the movement patterns of my planets along with description of the changes in our seasons and days.

Science Sampler: Space moves—Adding movement to solar system lessons
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Tried and True: Solar System in the Hallway
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