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Recent Posts by Chelsie

Wed Mar 19, 2014 10:00 PM in Creating a pond ecosystem at a school
Wow! I loved your idea of wanting to make a pond ecosystem at your school so you can teach the three categories of an ecosystem (Producers, Consumers, and Decomposers) I asked a specific question to the students in the class I am doing field hours with that was "Name two producers in a pond?" There was definitely a lot of misconceptions with what a producer, consumer, and decomposer really are. I ...

Wed Mar 19, 2014 9:45 PM in Animal and Plant Cells
Hello, I remember making an edible cell model with one of my tutoring students. The students have to pick if either they are going to do a plant or animal cell Model and then will build it with candy or food that looks like the different components. They will also label the parts and stick it on to a tooth pick so that the parts are easily identified. They will also make a key with the candy or fo...

Recent Reviews by Chelsie

Thu Apr 17, 2014 12:28 PM
4 Katie Lyons Review
I chose to review Katie Lyons collection on Coral Reefs. By reviewing her collection I see that she has six resources. I feel that Katie has a lot of beneficial that can clear up any confusions or misconceptions she might have. Having these resources grouped together will allow her to refer back to any of these in case she needs any further explanation on Coral Reefs before planning her lesson to her students. I also like that she had a variety of resources such as science objects, journal articles and podcasts. I like how she is not just using one type of resource and has other resources to relate to. I feel that it would be beneficial if she named her collection and was more specific as to what she wanted to students to gain from these resources. As well as maybe how she was going to use them in her classroom or lesson. I understand that it has to do with Coral Reefs but not exactly sure what her main focus was on with Coral Reefs. I am also not sure what grade level she was planning on teaching her lesson to. I am glad that she included podcasts so that not only as a teacher she will be able to use as a reference but so will her students. I also feel that six resources sometimes isn’t enough event though six resources was the minimum for the collection. I feel as a future teacher the more resources and references a teacher has the easier it is when it comes to planning for a lesson. I feel that she should of included a book or even a scipack on Coral Reefs in her collection since that is a great way to gain knowledge as well as assess the students. However, for the most part I felt that while she was selecting the resources for her collection she was extremely selective and tried to relate the resources to each other as much as possible. I definitely feel that if she would expand her resources her collection would be more useful for her and her students.

Recent Public Collections by Chelsie

Interdependence of Life
Type: SciPack

Chelsie Griffith's Science Concept Collection

10 Resources

The reason I put these resources together is because all of these resouces relate to my science concept. My science concept is "Changes in an organism’s habitat can either be beneficial or harmful to the organism."

Organisms: Grades 5-8
Type: SciGuide

Interdependence of Life: Organisms and Their Environments
Type: Science Object