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My name is Valentina Santamaria, I am from Caracas, Venezuela, I love my country more than anything. I graduated from high school there in a school called "Colegio Los Campitos" after I went to Boston to study english. Finally, I came to Miami did my associate degree at Miami Dade College and now I am doing my bachelor degree at Florida International University. I want to be a teacher because I believe education is the base of the society and I want to make a change in the Venezuelan society.



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Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:40 PM in Ecology
Hello, I remember when I was in school back in my country when my teacher talked about ecology I was not sure how I can help to save my planet. The teacher gave us several resources where we could investigate but all of them were impossible for me or my peers. So, my teacher with the others science teachers planned to do a orchard were every student needed to bring at least one plant, any plan...

Sun Nov 26, 2017 11:30 PM in Animals in classrooms
I believe having some animals in the classroom will help the students understand how animals grow, reproduce, what they eat, etc. For example, they study the butterfly cycle, having larvas which soon will be pips and then butterflies. Students will experienced this process in person instead just watching pictures on a book or watching videos on a screen. Also, is something can teach them how to b...

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Mon Nov 27, 2017 6:02 PM
I really enjoyed this collection. This collection had a large variety of resources starting from chapters books to journal articles relating with the basic needs of the animals. I really like the journal article "Animals and the capacity to Care" this gives a brief points to the importance of making children aware of and caring about the animals they normally don't see. Aside of having short articles she has a detailed 5E lesson plan in the article "Habitat Sweet Habitat" its a good article too, it talks about camouflage and give an example of an experiment a teacher did in class with the results and the observations of the students. I really like reviewing this collection because Valentina has many valuable resources that will help me in the future as a teacher.

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Basic Needs for Animals

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This is an assignment required for the class SCE 4310 and the teacher's name is Dr. Kathleen Sparrow. This collection will contain several resources about the basic need for animals.

Methods and Strategies: Teaching About Animals
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Science 101: How do animals communicate underwater?
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