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Thu Nov 21, 2013 10:38 PM
3 Review for Force and Motion: STOP FAKING IT!
Overall pretty interesting and engaging. Loved the diagrams and vocabulary clarification. I found it very interesting that the only way to get the roll of tape to move away from you is to exert a force toward your body. I thought it was away from your body. I also found it interesting that in order to make an object move in a circle is to exert a force towards the center of the circle as well as a small path along the outside of the circle. I was a little confused about the spinning ride discussion. I think the diagram needs to show the arrow that represents the force of the person to the wall. Without that arrow the person should be falling down. I thought you needed balanced forces to cancel each other out. Definitely go clarification on being weightless in outer space. I thought since you weren’t on the earth you were considered weightless. Didn’t think about the earth continuing to pull on you no matter how far you are out in space. Good clarification to the ‘weightless’ topic. Mr. Robinson made it pretty clear as to why/how the earth can orbit the Sun. I am still a little confused by the diagrams he showed. He said 1 and 3 were not correct but that 2 and 4 were. I don’t understand how 2 is accurate. The arrow is only pointing down. Again, equal forces are confusing me. I thought it had to be there or the object would move. (In this case the Earth.)