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Hello, my name is Laura Radford and I attend the University of Regina and am enrolled in the faculty of Education. I enjoy cooking, exercising, music, reading, fishing, and working with children. My overall experience with science is mostly with the science classes I took in elementary and high school. In elementary school I loved doing hands on experiments, and I find biology the most interesting. One of my most memorable experiences with science was in grade 5 when my class did a science fair and I talked about the human heart, I brought a pigs heart to display in my project for everyone to examine.




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Tue Feb 18, 2014 8:42 PM
4 Learning Measurement
I thought this article explained a great example of teaching young children about measurement, and the lesson looks very easy to follow. When I was in elementary school I learned about measuring by using a ruler, but this article shares some fantastic examples of doing hands on activities. The article can also be incorporated into math when teaching a math unit on measurement. Although the article's activities relates mostly to younger children so it may be difficult to modify them to fit into older grades. Overall I enjoyed reading this and can see myself using some of the activities in my teaching.

Sun Jan 12, 2014 6:22 PM
4 Appreciating a simple hands on article
I have had an interest in finding ways to bring the natural environment into the classroom for students ever since I was enrolled in the faculty of education. This article explained simple ways to teach young students about soil and how humans, animals, and organisms rely on soil to survive. I plan to take most of the activities out of this article and use them in my future classroom.