Brian Hamilton

B.S. in Chemistry from the Ohio State University (OSU). 15 years of teaching in the Columbus CIty Schools. Trained in the modeling instruction for physics and chemistry. A mentor teacher with the ASPIRE program through the OSU to prepare pre-service teachers to teach science in the urban environment. Helped write the district’s chemistry curriculum. Previously a member of NSTA’s Outstanding Science Tradebooks for Children Panel and currently on the Urban Science Educators Advisory Board.




Columbus City Schools - Centennial High School

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Wed Jun 27, 2018 9:01 AM in 3-Dimensional Assessments in Chemistry
     I try to deterimine what skills my students are bringing into my classroom.  Students' skill sets vary from student to student so having a good pre-assessment is important.  For instance, this year, I discovered a number of students were bringing in a serious misconception in graphing -- more than one student understood 1/2 to mean between 1 and 2, not 0.5 on the number line.  I would have t...

Mon Apr 23, 2018 6:42 AM in Periodic Table
I've also struggled with the teaching of the periodic table but I do use the music video, "Meet the Elements," by They Might Be Giants to introduce the concept. The students seem to enjoy it: I'm interested to read on this thread what other people do with this topic. Brian Hamilton