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Sun Nov 25, 2018 9:00 PM in Engaging female students in science
Hello, I am a preservice teacher. I have observed a few classrooms and I have done 2 science lessons. I have noticed that the boys are mainly engaged and interested in the lesson. In one lesson, the boys were even talking about their background knowledge and having discussions. How can I modify the lesson or what strategies can I use to help the girls be as engaged as the boys?

Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:45 PM in Science Assessments for ELL students
Hello, I wanted to know what are some fun science assessments that can be helpful for ELL students? I can't seem to find many resources related to science assessments for ELLs. Is it better to modify the assessment given to the class for the ELL student or create a new assessment?

Sun Nov 25, 2018 8:38 PM in Shortening Science Investigations
Hello, I am a preservice teacher. I have noticed that most teacher that I have observed either do not have enough time to teach science or they do most of the scientific investigations for the students. Recently, a 5th grade teacher did a lesson on temperature. Instead of facilitating the investigation, she told the students exactly what to do, instead of letting the students investigate. I under...

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Thu Nov 22, 2018 1:52 PM
Chloe, I believe that the resources you selected are crucial for understanding how humans have impacted the environment. I agree with the sequence in which you have placed the resources. By reading the resources in that order, I learned about the misconceptions that students might have about human impact on the environment. It went all the way to what humans can do to reduce and reverse their impact on the environment. It is important for students to understand exactly how humans have affected the environment and what they can do to help. There are some things in the resources that students might not think about on their own. One of the activities that I loved was the photography investigation. Students will learn so much more when they are active in the learning process. This can be a great lesson that can be used through all grade levels. It helps students make connections between the concept and their prior knowledge.

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