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Sat Nov 29, 2014 3:02 PM in Advice for new teachers
Hi! This forum is great! I am also in university working towards my degree in Early Childhood Education and feel like there is so much to be learned before teaching my own class. I find it is extremely helpful to talk with other teachers and listen to their experiences in regard to what works and what doesn't. One of the best pieces of advice I think a teacher has given me was ‘Always conside...

Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:53 PM in How to handle student's questions?
Hi Brittany. I am an aspiring teacher and so I share your concern, especially considering that questioning makes up such a great facet of science learning. However, I agree with Cris that having a question that you and you class can explore together is a great way for learning to take place. His statement about not being the “content expert” was quite reassuring to me as I am sure it was for y...

Recent Reviews by Erica

Sat Nov 29, 2014 1:19 PM
5 Elementary Science
I definitely enjoyed this collection. The articles chosen were very beyond useful when considering teaching science at the elementary level. I think that there are so many misconceptions in regard to teaching science and so we end up teaching the subject in a mundane and pointless manner. I particularly enjoyed the article, “Inquiry Is Elementary: Differing Approaches to Inquiry Within Two Elementary Schools.” The paper clearly describes the ways both elementary schools place great emphasis on inquiry based learning and I think that it is essential as a future teacher to see how other teachers have applied inquiry within their classrooms. I absolutely loved the idea of having the students perform an experiment with the understanding that they will need to report their findings to NASA. This was merely one of the examples presented. It is inspiring to know that there are teachers who are finding unique but effective ways to use inquiry based science learning in their classroom. The paper includes the goals of the schools as well as how they are met which I found to be helpful for any current or future teacher. Teaching, is also a continuous learning process and as educators we can always learn from each other. Having a collection geared towards elementary education science is absolutely perfect for educators to read and learn from. Another one of the articles I liked was the team teaching article. Overall, the paper was informative but I was drawn to the section about the challenges that are faced in the inclusive elementary classroom as it relates to science. I know most times people do not give a second thought to the possible difficulties faced by educators, and teachers are ridiculed for not being able to facilitate inquiry based learning or hands on experiences for students. It is helpful as a future educator to be able to read about these challenges and consider how they can be resolved before hand. Having this collection can help teachers in developing effective strategies to accommodate inquiry based science lessons at the elementary level. Additionally, not can educators be provided with the knowledge they can then develop the confidence needed by realizing that the information is out there and there are others who have already faced these challenges sharing their experiences to improve the quality of science education. Excellent collection Jessica!

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Creativity in the Science Classroom

6 Resources

I put these resources together so that anyone interested in making their science lessons more creative or interesting would be able to draw ideas from any of the articles.

Enhancing Science Education Through Art
Type: Journal Article

Science Fiction & Science Literacy
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