Margaret Wiegman

My name is Maggie Wiegman and I am currently enrolled in the teaching program at UCLC Southern Illinois University. Teaching is something that I have been passionate about. I am excited to graduate in the upcoming years and get out into the field. When I am not in the classroom I am playing with my dogs, hanging out with friends, or reading a good book.



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Mon Mar 23, 2020 1:00 AM in Modeling a Remote Teaching Lesson on the Nature of Science (NOS) and the definition of a PLANET
Kendra, I completly agree with you that mnemonic devices and cute songs are not the way to go about teaching the planets to students. It lacks actual scientific content. These skills are perfect for memorizing small things or things in order, but after watching the webinar we found out that there is just too much information to try and use a cute song to memorize it all. The more imporatnt thi...

Mon Mar 23, 2020 12:54 AM in Modeling a Remote Teaching Lesson on the Nature of Science (NOS) and the definition of a PLANET
2.     How is that cutesy song/ mnemonic we learned (and then relearned with only 8 planets) limiting/stifling our students’ understanding about the number of planets in our solar system? (My Very Educated Mother Just Serve Us N…) If I were asked this question before watching the webinar my response would have been entirely different than it is about to be now. The cutesy song/ mnemonic way ...

Wed Jan 29, 2020 9:14 PM in Attributes of a Successful/Effective Teacher
Mariana, This is a tough question to pin down and answer becuase, like you said, there are multiple characteristics that are important for a teacher to possess. Kindess is a huge one! You cannot expect to work with elementary aged children and not treat them with the utmost of kindness. As a teacher, having the ability to make a child feel safe and comfortable is such an important role and a g...