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1st year 2nd grade teacher




Vanderbilt University

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Wed Jun 13, 2018 9:58 PM
5 Rocks Next-door
This article tells in its entirety, the story of the creation, execution, and learning in an entire unit on constructive and destructive forces. The unit focuses on student inquiry about a local volcano that existed millions of years ago. Students first discovered the volcano when they learned that the large rocks by the beach are composed of granite, an igneous rock that forms inside of volcanos. But where is the volcano? Through experimentation and observations, the teacher leads students to uncover the many ways in which the Earth's landscape changes overtime. The unit culminates with a local geologist who addresses lingering questions and expands on student learning. This article is a memorable read, and I am sure the unit was a memorable learning moment for all involved. I am now wracking my brain for local landmarks on which I can base my own lessons, and looking into local geologists who can bring their expertise into the final conversation.

Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:29 PM
5 EcoCool in a Jar
I find mini ecosystems to be a fascinating to create and study. Until reading this article, I hadn't thought about making multiple varieties of ecosystems for comparison. I also appreciate how the author tied in modeling from NGSS as a tool for adapting this lesson series to K-2. I plan on making these for my 2nd graders this next school year! I look forward to their models and observations!

Wed Jun 13, 2018 8:17 PM
4 Earth's Changing Surface Review
This SciPack offers a brief yet comprehensive overview of plate tectonics as well as different types of weathering and erosion processes, both natural and human influenced. The text is a great resource for review of familiar content. There are some inconsistencies in the quizzes and the final assessment questions that inaccurately portray concepts from the text with either poorly worded questions/answers, unreadable graphs, and information that is not communicated in the text itself. With that said, this SciPack is mostly well organized and easy to read. I would recommend this as a brief refresher if you already feel mildly confident with the subject matter.