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My name is Julie Valadez, and I am a Senior at UTTyler, I am also in the school of education. I am interested in being a 1st or 2nd grade bilingual teacher, or any elementary grade as well. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to be a teacher, helping others has always been something I really enjoy and especially if they are children. My hobbies inlcude; reading, drawing, tv, piano, and social media! Science to me has always been one of those neutral subjects which I nor dislike or like so i'm really looking forward to this semester!

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Wed Feb 19, 2020 9:58 AM in Effective Science Teacher
Hello! I am currently a senior in college and will be graduating soon. As a person who struggled in the science area, how do you prepare or what tips would you give to teach this subject in an effective way? I want students to enjoy learning this subject, and I want to teach this in an enjoyable yet accurate manner. 

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Tue Apr 14, 2020 7:30 PM
5 Spring Into Energy
1. I chose this article because it incorporates hands-on activities which students love, and the activities involve using toy and other common objects to find and explore energy transformations! 2. SInce it had been awhile that I learned about energy there was so many things I had forgotten about. With this article I was able to refresh my memory and remember how to find energy and how to use common objects and find the energy in them. 3. TEKS I would use with the information in this article will be 3.6A; (A) explore different forms of energy, including mechanical, light, sound, and thermal in everyday life. I would use this with my 3rd grade classroom. 4. This article will be very efficient for all teachers! It includes many ideas that teachers can include on lessons over energy! I will definitely come to this article when I have my future classroom and will definitely conduct the experiments demonstrated in this article.

Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:49 PM
5 Layer-Cake Earth
1. I choose this article mainly because it was a hands-on activity. I believe one of the best ways students learn is through hands-on acitivites and anything that lets them experience or witness things themselves. 2. The first thing I learned was how to use a cake to teach the layers of the earth. The next thing I learned was a new term for me; which was ''stratigraphy" which is the study of sediment layers and the relationship between rocks and fossils. 3. With the information given in this article TEKS I would use to go with it are; 112.18 10(A) build a model to illustrate the compositional and mechanical layers of Earth, including the inner core, outer core, mantle, crust, asthenosphere, and lithosphere. This would also serve as a performance-based assessment for the students. 4. After reading this article I really attained a lot of information on the layers of the earth and how to express them and teach them with a cake. I think this activity will definitely be helpful for the students when learning the layers of the earth.

Tue Apr 14, 2020 6:06 PM
5 Beyond Paper and Pencil Assessments
1. I choose this article because the title really caught my attention. I have always wondered if there is more than just paper and pencil assessments, and if they could possibly be even more efficient than paper and pencil assessments. 2. After reading this article, I learned how performance based assessments can tell much more about a student. Paper and pencil assessments are definitely efficient and provide insight on a student, however performance based assessments are able to provide a more complete picture to the teacher. 3. Some TEKS I could use with this information would be 112.17 : (D) design a simple experimental investigation that tests the effect of force on an object. Students would do a performance-based assessment in which I will be able to have an insight on their understanding and ability. 4. I agree with everything this article stated. Paper and pencil assessments will always be effective and efficient when wanting to determine their abilities, however performance-based assessments will always give a more clear and complete picture of it as well.

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