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Hello! My name is Irene Asfour and I am currently a Learning and Teaching major at the University of Houston. I plan on teaching middle school and cannot wait to do so. I have worked with after school programs and summer camps with ages 5-12 for the past 5 years and love implementing science into the curriculum we plan for our students!



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Thu Jan 24, 2019 12:04 AM in Implementing STEM in my classroom
Hello my name is Irene Asfour and I am a future teacher currently attending the University of Houston. I cannot wait to implement STEM in my classroom because there are so many ways to do this. STEM is a critical part of our students' lives and it is a subject every teacher can (and should) take advantage of. You can honestly teach any subject and find ways to implement STEM, this is why I bel...

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Creative Ways to Implement STEM into the Classroom

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These are ideas, lessons, and projects you can use for your future or present classroom. The grades focused on will be elementary to middle school.

Cell Structure and Function: The Cellular Factory
Type: Science Object

Science of Food Safety: Food Safety and You
Type: Science Object