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Recent Reviews by Taelor

Thu Mar 31, 2016 10:16 PM
5 Fabulous Weather!
Overall I truly enjoyed reading this article. I think it is amazing that these first graders were afforded the opportunity to work with a real meteorologist! I think that the activities included in this article were well thought out because they were inclusive to students from all learning modalities. There were activities for visual learners, auditory learners as well as tactile kinesthetic learners. I think that these activities included in the article could be adapted to any grade level within K-6. I definitely recommend this article.

Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:27 PM
4 Geology Rocks!
Overall this was a great article that gave some pretty useful activities for teaching Geology, more specifically rocks and minerals. I definitely appreciated the detailed description of the methods Gibson used for teaching young students about rocks and minerals. I think that when teaching students, no matter what the content area is, it is important to include hands on activities. Doing this helps include students who learn tactile kinesthetically instead of only catering to the auditory and visual learners. Also I am a strong proponent of the constructivist approach so any way that I can use manipulatives in the classroom is a benefit for me. Lastly, I think that Gibson’s use of discussion at the end of each activity not only strengthens her students’ understanding of rocks and minerals but it also helps them retain the information better through application.

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