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My name is Caitlyn Cobb. I live in East Texas with my husband, Landon and our cat, Jack. I am a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University where I obtained a Bachelor Degree in Interdisciplinary studies in December of 2016. I am now a first grade teacher for Lufkin ISD for my third year, and I am attending SFA again for a Master Degree in Elementary Education.




Stephen F. Austin State University

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Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:38 PM in Student Teaching
The best advice I can give in regards to classroom management is to begin firm. Do not let students think they have a chance to treat you different. You can research some effected classroom management options to try. I teach in a Title I school district in East Texas. I also teach at the primary level (first grade, specifically). The classroom management procedures that I use and my students valu...

Wed Nov 07, 2018 3:27 PM in Science Trips
I have found such high-value trips come from the simplicity. My class goes to a Texas Forestry Museum every year for free, and it is always SO rewarding for them all. It is hands-on, geared to their specific age group, and focused on what the teachers have previously selected. In the past, we have also been able to explore the college campuses nearby and that has really instilled in students the ...

Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:43 PM in Technology in the classroom
We use the SMARtboard capability in our room for a lot of technology interation during Science and all content areas. It does not distract students since they are "technology savvy" and "used to it". I find that the technology is more useful for their learning abilities and to grab focus on what matters to them. 

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Mon Oct 29, 2018 9:37 PM
5 High Value!
First, I value the preassessment piece that was used in constructing this lesson. Providing this really ensured that high-level thinking is to be had that is specific to their learning. Next, I would have never thought of incorporating dance into this, and I love how fluid it seems in the article. There was so much evidence of valuable learning and enjoyment! The ELL's were not forgotten during this activity, and that ensures that all learners are learning together. I thought that integrating literature as the "hook" was a great way to get that piece in there and having students shade on a timeline to display elapsed time was a great visual for ELL's and all students. It also kept them accountable for their own progress in the assignment. Students were instructed to be valuable and active listeners while providing constructive feedback to students in doing so. This establishes a great classroom community and respect among all students during learning processes. Overall, being able to integrate motor skills, music, literature, art, writing, discussing, technology, math and science created a valuable and supportive lesson for students throughout their class. The teachers chose a holistic rubric in this lesson to observe and assess student’s needs, growths, and accomplishments. There are many other ways that children could have been assessed, but I feel that this type of assessment conducive to the learning that took place, really valued each student’s learning experience in a differentiated and valuable way. The pictures represented growth and displayed each step in easy to understand visuals. I felt like I was in the classroom receiving this instruction with this article, and I value the knowledge shared as a fellow educator.