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Wed Apr 08, 2020 11:59 PM in Lesson Plan on Force, mortion, and energy
Hi im Brittani. No need to worry theres lots of diffrent things you can incorparate with force and motion. What you can do is set up a game day. Plan diffrent games that require the students to either push or pull, for example tug of war, bowling etc. Set up a small field period during play time. Ask them to identify which games requires pulling or pushing. The children will have fun and learn so...

Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:48 PM in Change in shadows during day
Hi Natalie, this is a very interesting topic and i wish i was taught this as a 5th grader. For starters shadows are something the children see almost everyday in life. This is the type of topic that can be incorporated with at home activities. The car ride home, after school, their house. For school i would bring the kids outside 3 times out of the day. Let them see the way the shaddow changes th...

Wed Apr 08, 2020 10:43 PM in The moon
The phases of the moon are very interesting and very informative for students. Theres lots of activties that the children might fine extremly interesting. For starters you can do the phases of the moon project. Make them cut circles, and shade in the different phases. Put it in a circle on a board and label each phase. Something really engaging a relatable in the oreo activtiy. This is very fun a...

Recent Public Collections by Brittani

Scientific Method.

6 Resources

This collection, is solely based on the scientific method. The scientific method is a big part of science, especially in elementary school grades. They utilize it in the intro, in projects, during in class experiments etc. A lot of these books, articles, and podcasts can be very useful to teachers, teaching the students about the scientific method, or assisting them in getting it done. Please take a look at the amazing content i have put together.

Podcast: How Science REALLY Gets Done: Scientific Method
Type: Podcast

The Benefits of Scientific Modeling
Type: Journal Article

Brittani's Collection

8 Resources

The selection of this collection are based on the lesson and interview i held with my students. Everything in the collection is dedicated to gravity. Weather its motion, force or energy. Reading the books and articles can give you a great insight on what exactly gravity is, and in what ways does it have an affect on us and our planet. Any of the books or articles can serve as a class book, to study the topic. They're extremely informative, reliable, accurate and relatable because the ideas can be turned into an activity in which the children can understand or relate to everyday life. Please read at least one article in my collection to see how interesting and informative they are.

Science 101: What Is Gravity?
Type: Journal Article

Science Shorts: Energy in Motion
Type: Journal Article