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Hi! I am an undergraduate student at UMBC, I am currently finishing my bachelors in Psychology and on track to earn my certificate in Elementary Education. I want to get kids excited about science and help them find science in their everyday lives. I enjoy finding science in the environment and in the night sky, I am especially fond of the Moon!





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Wed Nov 29, 2017 10:15 PM in Incorporating holidays into science lessons
Hi London, These activities are so fun and easy to do, thank you so much for sharing. Also, thank you for providing the detailed steps!

Tue Nov 21, 2017 4:35 PM in Incorporating holidays into science lessons
As holidays approach students get anxious and have a harder time focusing in class. I am a pre-service teacher at UMBC, and with Thanksgiving arriving in a couple of days, I certainly have been having a hard time focusing in class. It makes me think how elementary school students are doing at this time. Is there a way we can incorporate Thanksgiving into a science lesson? I know there are activiti...

Tue Nov 14, 2017 9:17 PM in Recylcing unit
Hi Bianca! Thank you so much for the article. It really was helpful and it is funny because I have been trying to think of ways to teach students how to sort materials. I thought of a race where there would be different bins outside and the students would have to race each other to put the right material in each bin. But, I like the game this article included because it is a great alternative on a...

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Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:41 PM
5 How to make your own paper
I loved this activity because it can be easily adapted for elementary students. The article discusses how to make your own paper with your students. It also explains the history of paper making and why all efforts to recycle paper are important. The article is very easy to follow and students would be engaged the entire time.

Sun Nov 26, 2017 7:35 PM
5 Recycling Metal turned to STEM
I really liked how this article showed how STEM can be incorporated into a recycling lesson. The article focuses on how metals are recycled. Students are able to do math calculations of the price value of recycling a metal versus the metals actual value. The article also includes connections to the Next Generation Science Standards.

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Recycling Unit

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I am a pre-service elementary education teacher and for my project I have to design a 10-day unit plan. My unit is about recycling and how to think beyond the recycling bin to create new usable items from recycled material. This collection contains resources with great ideas for my unit, as well as content knowledge. Some lessons are labeled as middle school but I believe they can be adapted for elementary students.

Recycled STEM activities and challenges
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11 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Lesson Ideas for Every Subject
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