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Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:29 PM in Energy Transformation Labs
I had purchased an energy kit to carry out an energy transformation lab (9th graders) but the kit only had one set of everything and I have 6 classes of 30 students. If the kit breaks, the next class won't be able to use the equipments. Students seem to enjoy energy transformation labs but the materials tend to add up (i.e. glow sticks, hand warmers, apples, etc;) Can you suggest exciting labs...

Tue Apr 09, 2013 4:01 AM in Teaching Physics With Toys
Hi! Using hotwheels is a great idea. I tend to borrow a ramp and marble from other physic teachers but hot wheels have cool ramps, I am sure my students would be interested. In terms of demonstration, I also use everyday examples. I had students create balloon cars to demonstrate force and motion. This way they won't need to buy expensive materials, all they need is a card, straw, tape, bottle ...

Sun Mar 31, 2013 5:55 PM in Curriculum Planning
I'm finding PBL (problem based learning)as a good reinforcement for understanding. Whenever we move to a new section, it would be some sort of workshop that would assist students in their final product. At the same time, students would be accountable to remember what they learned in the previous sections since they compile all the knowledge they gained into the final product.

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Sat Apr 20, 2013 5:24 PM
4 Great All Around Lesson
This Energy SciGuide presents lessons in different themes which covers majority of energy standards in my state. I agree with presenting lessons in all types of different formats to address various types of learners and to also reinforce and integrate the material contents where students can draw relationships. This way the knowledge remains with the students and they'll be able to build upon them in their upcoming years. This guide provides complete resource and sequence for teachers. I had carried out lessons involving energy transformation in my classroom and agree with their methods of implementing and combining a variety of strategies. I will definitely add in the 'hands on' portion from this sciguide. The peanut power demonstration seems awesome! Students will be able to see the stored potential energy in their food and relate it to what it can possibly do in their bodies. This lesson can expand towards students thinking about calorie content and eating healthier as well. I would like more resources on lab activities in which students can carry out themselves. I had done energy transformation on different types of metals and heat to show heat energy to kinetic energy, and there were also stations to transfer chemical to heat or light and such. My issue was funding. The materials I used could add up if I had to provide them for a pair of students in every class. Perhaps I could ask students to bring in their own materials or there may be other labs to show awesome energy transformations by using household products (safe house hold products). Overall, great guide, definitely worth using for energy lessons!

Sun Feb 03, 2013 7:26 PM
4 Awesome Resource
As I worked through the sections, I noticed that some questions required more than 1 correct answer. I was wondering why my responses would have an 'x' and '/' mark. I needed to find another right answer. Overall, this is an awesome resource to review and reinforcement energy transformations. I especially enjoyed the audio dialog; this benefits students requiring assistance in reading. Examples were awesome because they included diagrams to assist visual learners. I enjoyed the interesting facts boxes as an additional resource. I feel that this resource would be appropriate for regular or students requiring modifications since some students are aware of other types of energy and this section emphasizes on kinetic and potential energy.