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I am a Senior at the University of Houston and will graduate in December!



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Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:16 AM in 5-E Lesson Plan
Doing a 5E lesson plan myself. I'm learning that the kids are really learning better when we use this format. The coolest thing about this type of plan is that the kids are the ones who teach themselves really. I feel like the explore really gives them freedom to figure it all out on their own. Anyways, good luck with your plans!

Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:12 AM in Advice Welcomed Here
From experience, weather logs are so great for kids to see the pattern of the weather. Make two kids the weather person for the day and report the weather in the morning and in the afternoon (I live in Texas, so the weather can be vastly different between morning and afternoon!).

Wed Mar 08, 2017 9:09 AM in Student-Teacher
Hey girl! I think we'll be getting alot of help here. I've already read across some posts and there is so much helpful information. Go Coogs!