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I am/was an Accountant, but am super excited to be back in school working on EdS in Curriculum & Instruction with licensure for K-5. I'm from White county, TN but I currently live in Chattanooga, TN with my husband, 100lb pup, and a small black cat with a big personality. I plan to work in a higher-need school (preferably K-2nd) in Chattanooga. My hobbies include reading, running, hiking, and kayaking.




Tennessee Tech University

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Sat Mar 16, 2019 5:37 PM in Student-friendly resources for science explanations
Hello!  I am not a teacher quite yet, but I recently did a second grade science lesson for one of my college classes and I really struggled finding student friendly resources to explain basic science concepts to an early elementary student.  When I get my own classroom, I would really love to encourage my students to use journals and websites to confirm their theories and hypothesis (rather th...

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Mon Mar 25, 2019 12:54 AM
4 Everyone should go through this scipack!
I found this scipack very beneficial to bolster my own understanding of what proper nutrition is. The scipack didn't just stop at explaining how to maintain a healthy diet, but it also went into detail about the science behind what food and nutrients are and how our body systems work to get the nutrients and energy we need from the food and beverages we consume. The explanation went all the way down to the cellular level of how we process the nutrients and ended with practical resources we can use to make more informed decisions and teach our students how to make informed decisions about healthy eating and exercise. While I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive pieces of the scipack, I only gave the scipack four stars because there were a few interactive links that need to be corrected. These are: 1.) What is Food?/Sources of Food/What Do Plants Bring to the Table? (When you click on this link, it starts the same cantaloupe simulation again which was already done in the previous link.) 2.) What is Food?/Sources of Food/What Do we Get From Animals? (These boxes do not load, despite trying different browsers, etc.) 3.) What is Food?/Nutrients in Food/Carbohydrates (Figure 4.2. Crash Course on Carbohydrates & “Hands-on Activity both do not work) 4.) What is Food?/Nutrients in Food/Proteins (Figure 4.5. Crash Course on Proteins (and the Text Description Link) are not working) 5.) What Choices Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle?/Nutrient and Calorie Needs Vary/Age and Gender (Interactive page isn't working) 6.) What Choices Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle?/Using Food Guides and Labels to Eat Right/Food Labels (Figure 5.8. What Does a Nutrition Label Tell You? Not working, but text description IS working) 7.) What Choices Lead to a Healthy Lifestyle?/Using Food Guides and Labels to Eat Right/Tying it all together (Figure 5.10. Ruben doesn’t open & Figure 5.12 doesn’t open onto a bigger screen.)

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