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Wed Oct 10, 2018 9:50 PM in Physical Science: Types of Matter (Solids & Liquids)
Hi Megan, thank you for the informative articles. I really enjoyed how the third article incorporated the use of the “discourse sticks” to use during the explain portion of the lesson. This is a fun way for the students to discuss as a whole-class their thoughts. Thank you once again for providing me with the links to the articles. Best regards!

Thu Oct 04, 2018 9:15 PM in Physical Science: Types of Matter (Solids & Liquids)
I am putting together a lesson over two of the three types of matter (solids and liquids) for a group of second graders. Since my group of students are ELL I want to incorporate in my lesson activities that are fun and engaging. I want the ELL students to have fun exploring the physical properties of these types of matter.  What will be some fun and safe activities that will help the students lea...

Sun Sep 02, 2018 8:44 PM in STEM programs
This is my first semester of student teaching in a second-grade classroom.  As others have suggested in this discussion thread, it is crucial to implement STEM in the classrooms so that students can begin to develop an interest in the topic.  As future educators, we can inform our students that they are exposed to STEM in everything they do inside and outside the classroom.  For example, student...