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I am a M.Ed preservice teacher at Vanderbilt University and am interested in science outreach, particularly related to ecology, evolution, and human-environment interactions.




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Sat Jun 09, 2018 6:35 PM
4 Good for inspiration and background information
This article describes a handful of activity ideas that could be adapted and integrated into lessons about the sun. These are not lesson plans, but are instead suggestions for how some concepts could be taught using activities and student-developed experiments. There are a couple of ideas for elementary classrooms, but most are aimed at middle school grades. Although the premise of the article seems to be based around the idea of using the sun as an example of a star in order to learn about stars in general, these activities seem like they would be better placed in a unit about our solar system specifically. The first two pages of the article provide some useful background information. If you are looking for some basic and accessible information about sunspots, this could be a good resource!

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