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I am a Technology Teacher (7-10) at Gold Creek School. My passion is integrating STEM into the school culture and I am developing a Makerspace where students can explore and tinker. I am very curious by nature and like to learn about new technologies and ways to teach it to my students. My other interests are traveling, painting, sewing, felting, drawing, hiking and spending time with like-minded people.




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Wed Jun 26, 2019 5:06 AM in Careers in STEM
Hi, I have found this website (Australian) with some very interesting information about Careers in STEM.  This article discusses Computational Thinking and explains it in a way that should make it easy for our students to understand.   Regards Amelia    

Sat May 25, 2019 12:17 AM in Laser cutter and engraver
Thanks for all your awesome ideas, Emily and Pamela.  I am definitely going to try some. Regards Amelia

Mon May 13, 2019 6:10 PM in Laser cutter and engraver
Hi, Does anybody here use a laser cutter/engraver as part of their STEM program?  If you do, what do you use it for?  We purchased a GCC Laser Cutter and I received a few hours training, but now it sits there waiting for me to do something with it.   Regards Amelia

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Mon Apr 22, 2019 1:06 AM
4 3D Pit Stop Printing - a detailed explanation of this project.
The authors created a unit of work based on a real problem the students faced with their competition car design challenge. The article discusses the processes used in detail to engage the students in a 'real world' issue. It demonstrates how the program links to the NGSS standards and contains samples of resources used by the teachers to engage the students in higher order thinking. The authors suggested inviting experts in Engineering Design / 3D printining to talk to the students about the Design Processes. Overall, this article is very detailed and could be used for implementation in the classroom.

Mon Apr 22, 2019 12:45 AM
4 Using a 3D printer with young children.
This article demonstrated how students used Technology to solve a 'real world' problem. It is amazing to think that this project was completed by first graders. I found this article a great expectation to expect more from my own students. The article demonstrates how the project was using the Engineering Design Processes and the author discusses how a 3D printer works and suggests ways schools can find ways to do this unit even if the school does not have their own printer. An interesting article that I will be happy to share with my colleagues.

Sun Apr 21, 2019 10:38 PM
5 A great argument for running a Makerspace at your school.
Cheska Robinson wrote an interesting article sharing her findings of the benefits of running a Genius Hour as part of a Makerspace at your school. She commented that it encourages students to find their inspiration from working independently on projects of their own choosing. She further states that Makerspaces help students develop independent thinking and problem-solving skills. The article further suggests strategies on how to start a Makerspace such as: 1. Have an endgame in mind 2. Give students ownership 3. Find a suitable space 4. Recycle, reuse and ask for help 5. Showcase students' work The article concludes with an excellent list of resources supplied by teachers who are currently running Makerspaces or Genius Hour. Overall a really good article to get you started with your own Makerspace.

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Making the Most of Project-, Problem-, Place-, Passion-, and Partnership-Based Learning

3 Resources

Explore exemplary classroom cases in which educators built community partnerships to integrate the arts and social studies with science and engineering learning. NSTA Conference Session St Louis Presenter : John Smith, Student, Northwestern University Presenter : June Teisan, Network of Michigan Educators

Making the Most of Project-, Problem-, Place-, Passion-, and Partnership-Based.p.pdf
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Ice, Ice, Baby: An Integrated 3-D Storyline Unit for Middle School Science Using Instant Ice Packs

4 Resources

Implement a 3-D middle school unit covering nervous system, chemical reactions, and engineering design! Targeting teachers, coaches, and supervisors from novice to advanced. Session at NSTA Conference St Louis Presenter : Stephanie Bank, 6-8th Grade Science Teacher, Kentucky Avenue School Presenter : Kathryn Fleegal, Science Teacher, Denver Public Schools Presenter : Arlene Friend, Science Teacher, Clark County School District

Next Generation Teachers - Story lines
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Ice Pack Unit Skeleton - NSTA Conference St Louis.pdf
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Explore Newton’s Laws of Motion

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Come play together and investigate Newton’s laws of motion. Investigate the motion of a car on a track to illustrate the 1st and 2nd laws of motion. Then play at a series of over15 stations to illustrate Newton’s laws with easy-to-find toys to help students better understand these concepts. Presenter : David Beier, Science Instructor, The Barstow School

Beier NASA Website with Resources for Newton Law.pdf
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