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I am a first year teacher at a new STEM school. I am married with two kids, 12 and 10. We love to spend time in the mountains.




STEM Launch/ 8th Grade Physical Science

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Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:51 PM in kids think I hate them?!?!
Hi Heather, I think most parents (& lots of students) expect elementary teachers and people working in elementary schools to be more "huggy" and affectionate with students. I currently teach 8th grade science, but before becoming a teacher I subbed in all schools and volunteered in my own children's elementary school. This is the trend I have noticed, so if you are shy and not that outwardly ...

Tue Jan 29, 2013 10:39 PM in NGSS: Second and Final Public Draft
I just met with a group of middle school science teachers in my district to discuss which topics to teach at which grade level starting next year. My district is planning to use the NexGen standards starting next year. My school is one of three pilot schools in our district currently using draft 1 (now switching to draft 2) of the NexGen standards. My district currently teaches Earth Science in...