Sara Johnson

I am beginning my second year of my Masters of the Art of Teaching (MAT) in biology. I spent 3.5 years working towards my PhD in a cancer research lab. During this time, I found that my true passion was for teaching. So, after much thought (and more than a few tears), I left my PhD program to pursue my MAT. I selected biology as a concentration as this has always been my favorite subject. I particularly love anatomy and physiology, genetics, and cancer biology. However, I see the importance in all areas of science. I hope to teach high school biology to gain professional experience. Then, I would love to seek my PhD in Science Education. Through pursing my MAT, I have found a passion for teaching others how to teach science.




University of South Carolina

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Thu Jun 18, 2015 10:55 AM in Integrating Interactive Notebooks
I am a pre-service teacher, so I haven't integrated interactive notebooks yet. However, I fully intend to do so when I begin teaching. I spent a few years pursuing my PhD in cancer biology and learned how important keeping an organized notebook is. It kept me accountable, gave me a place to insert my thoughts, allowed me to look back at previous experiments, and provided a timeline of my work. I t...