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I can best describe my interests and achievements as eclectic and interdisciplinary. As an artist and science educator, I have deliberately crafted a personal pathway derived from my background in design and science. I strive to create a classroom equipped with physical models and critical response. I want students to view life forms as design elements, to automatically visualize concepts of biological concern so that they gain an aesthetic and scientific appreciation for the micro and macro world. With this approach, I believe students develop creative and insightful capabilities.




University of Chicago Charter Schools, Woodson Campus

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Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:16 AM in Teaching Cell Parts in a "fun way"?

Sat Apr 13, 2013 12:13 AM in Teaching Cell Parts in a "fun way"?
Try it from a different angle. I begin with prokaryotes and bacteria. Students label diagrams, and observe bacteria from prepared slides. I also have them classify bacteria and connect that with antibiotics so we get a bit of microbiology. It helps to begin with something fresh in 9th grade bio since most students do cover the basics of the cell in middle school. I connect back to classification a...

Sat Nov 26, 2011 12:44 AM in Course Sequencing
In Chicago, at a charter school we offer Bio, Chem, Physics. I have tried to get Biotechnology offered as an elective since this is a field that is increasing in demand. It is noteworthy that so much of the ACT science is Earth Science, particulary the data and graphs, yet it is not a required science course in my district. Can anyone suggests a good Physical Science curriculum that meets the need...

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Sun Mar 09, 2014 1:33 AM
5 Earth Layers
This resource is great for any teacher needing help in linking concepts. It breaks down seismic wave theory and relates it well to earth layers. It makes the physical science aspects of plate tectonics easy to understand and gives good analogies.

Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:53 PM
4 Cell biology enrichment
I think this object gives good ideas on how to provide enrichment to a regular biology class. It gives topics and examples I had never thought of. From this video I went and did some additional research on specific cell types. Its good for students to go beyond the name and function of cell parts. For a freshman class, there needs to be more animation and interaction.

Sat Jun 23, 2012 9:15 PM
5 Visualization
This article presents good ideas for anyone who teaches about the cell membrane. It breaks down abstract concepts and demonstrates the physical properties of the cell in a way that students will understand. I can't wait to try this one!

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