Joseph Huffman

I go by Bernie. I have been married since 1986, and have three wonderful boys: my oldest is an emergency room pharmacist; middle is a mechanical engineer; and my youngest is studying for his RN degree, working part time in our local emergency room. I began teaching in 2001 at Sebastian Middle School. I am in my fourth career. I chose teaching since I enjoyed coaching baseball in little league after high school; and coaching basketball for our YMCA. I was tasked with teaching parents and players good sportsmanship skills. Since I had a finance background, becoming a math teacher was the logical choice to pursue. After being selected as a fellow, my principal asked I move into our Steam/ICT department. My goal is to learn how slope standards are used at our local Grumman facility to help motivate our middle school students. I want my students to get excited for learning math and science to prepare for a position after their high school graduation.



Recent Reviews by Joseph

Tue May 14, 2019 9:52 AM
5 Preparing students for careers that do not exist
Excellent article describing how to challenge the highly motivated student that needs greater challenge than in a standard public high school. Look forward to finding articles that have been written that addresses how standard middle and high school students succeed in a similar environment. Does a similar program exist?

Tue May 07, 2019 2:27 PM
5 Structures of metal video
Being a math teacher for twenty years, this program has allowed me to learn interesting concepts from other disciplines. I am a life long learner. Since I look forward to learning how Grumman builds its airplanes at the St. Augustine location, I thought this video would help build my foundation. Great video.

Thu May 02, 2019 8:16 AM
5 Lines of evidence
Even though I was searching for slope of a line material, this article appeared. I thought it would be interesting to read, and it was. I now have a better understanding of vault lines based upon the research that shows how all the continents once were connected, and not separated by large bodies of water. I never looked at how South America and Africa could of been connected until reading this article. This history of how the earth has been shaped was very enjoyable reading; research and investigation. I highly recommend this article for the novice when it applies to our planet.