Joseph Huffman

I go by Bernie. I have been married since 1986, and have three wonderful boys: my oldest is an emergency room pharmacist; middle is a mechanical engineer; and my youngest is studying for his RN degree, working part time in our local emergency room. I began teaching in 2001 at Sebastian Middle School. I am in my fourth career. I chose teaching since I enjoyed coaching baseball in little league after high school; and coaching basketball for our YMCA. I was tasked with teaching parents and players good sportsmanship skills. Since I had a finance background, becoming a math teacher was the logical choice to pursue. After being selected as a fellow, my principal asked I move into our Steam/ICT department. My goal is to learn how slope standards are used at our local Grumman facility to help motivate our middle school students. I want my students to get excited for learning math and science to prepare for a position after their high school graduation.



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Sun Jul 14, 2019 3:54 PM
5 Creating a STEM Culture for teaching and Learning
I just finished reading"Creating a STEM Culture for Teaching and Learning" by Jeff Weld, NSTA press.  The book is very insightful as to the Rise of STEM.  The importance of relationships between business and the educational community is highlighted when the book discusses Iowa's STEM Professional Network from the planning years of 2007 to 2011, all the way through year 4 in 2014-2015. The book discusses how the local community was so integral in the early years of formalized education.  As the 1920's arrived, with the desire for higher expectations, specialized learning, and school buses, the community connections to schooling fell apart.  Our youth were trucked off to regional schools, divided into grade levels and taught the universal curriculum.  Our children were either factory job-ready or set up for college. Fast forward to current time, STEM is proving to be very effective, resulting in resource pool expansion.  'The federal budget included nearly $3 billion for STEM education in 2016.  The private sector's annual investment in STEM education is estimated at well over $1 billion annually, with companies like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman each investing over $13 million each year, according the the recent Washington Post article "Growing Roots for More STEM."' As we heard during our time in Baltimore, the '2011 McKinsey Global Institute study "An Economy That Works: Job Creation and America's Future" noted that enrollment trends portend that in the next decade the United States will produce twice as many graduates in the social sciences and business as in STEM, and that if nothing is done to redirect the interests of some of these graduates toward STEM we can expect an exacerbated shortage of qualified candidates for technical jobs.'   Relationships between our schools and local businesses is crutial to solving this economic problem.  As a middle school teacher, to motivate students to pursue these STEM careers, the learning needs to be locally generated, real world curriculium; problem based, interdisciplinary teaching that is student centered; student interests will steer instruction; and learning must also occur beyond school walls; are just a few important elements for success. As I return to my school in early August, I will keep these reasons in mind for observing our current culture, and questioning my fellow teachers and leaders, are we meeting the needs of our students for a profitable future for living and working in St. Augustine Florida, 2025 and beyond.

Tue May 14, 2019 9:52 AM
5 Preparing students for careers that do not exist
Excellent article describing how to challenge the highly motivated student that needs greater challenge than in a standard public high school. Look forward to finding articles that have been written that addresses how standard middle and high school students succeed in a similar environment. Does a similar program exist?

Tue May 07, 2019 2:27 PM
5 Structures of metal video
Being a math teacher for twenty years, this program has allowed me to learn interesting concepts from other disciplines. I am a life long learner. Since I look forward to learning how Grumman builds its airplanes at the St. Augustine location, I thought this video would help build my foundation. Great video.