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Fri Apr 13, 2018 11:20 AM in 5E lesson plan
Hi. My name is Julissa. I am a student at FIU and majoring in elementary education. I was recently presented to the concept of a 5E lesson plan format. I’ve reasearched through the collections and articles on this website and found lots of useful information. Although, I would like to read about how others have incorporated this style in a classroom and what kind of reactions have come from the...

Thu Apr 12, 2018 6:18 PM in Including science concepts in math and reading subjects
I am a student at FIU and one of the requirements for me to graduate is that I complete clinical hours at selective elementary schools. From my observations I notice that the subject science is barely ever touched in a week frame. Teachers and their classes could go through a whole school day and not participate in science lessons. They mostly base their instruction on the reading and math subject...

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Wed Apr 18, 2018 9:12 AM
5 Contents in the Excersise Affect on the Heart Col
This is a very interesting collection on the theme of how exercise affects the heart, which includes a few journal articles and book chapters. One of the journal articles is “Fat Finders”,in this article you will find information on an activity for a fourth grade class. In this fun activity the students get the opportunity to learn about the types of food they are eating, that healthy food is essential to consume for our bodies and health. Another journal article in this collections is “Teacher Through Trade Books: Science From the Heart”.In this journal article the author Emphasizes how books can play a useful tool in a 5e lesson plan format. The books that the author recommends in this article to teach about healthy hearts are “Hearing Hearts” and “What Gets the Heart Pumping” with full procedure in a 5e lesson plan format. Then in the book chapter of “Healthy Diet and Weight(Human Health), you can read about an activity that aids students to comprehend the connection between diet, exercise, weight, and body mass index by allowing them to practice scientific thinking. Then in the book chapter of “In a Heartbeat” there is a story that can be presented to students to show them what kind of activities can affect the change in their heart rate. In the book chapter of “ Moving my body” and “Science from the Heart” a story about growing bones, muscles and joints is recommend to help students see that exercise play a major part in that and main ting a healthy heart. Finally in the the journal article of “this Lazy, Harry, Crazy Days of Summer Reading” the author shows how it important to prepare the student to be active during summer and not only lazy. Overall, if you’re Looking to teach about exercise, the heart, and being healthy this collection is perfect to check out. It provides lot of information on the topics, many activities, lesson plans with procedures, and book recommendations.

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