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Denise Wright, has taught online and face to face in STEM education for over 22 years. She is currently writing for Science Scope, her column in called The Online Teacher. The column focuses on best practices in online education. Denise, is a member of ISTE, NSTA Technology Advisory Board, and volunteers for NASA as a Solar System Ambassador. She, was one of the first teacher's in her state to pilot a historic Alvan Clark Refracting Telescope, in a distance learning environment. Classrooms across, South Carolina, now use this technology in cooperation with the South Carolina State Museum, to view the sun and night sky. In her local community, she founded the amateur astronomy group, Grand Strand Astronomers. One of her favorite night time observing sessions was under a sixty one inch reflecting telescope on Mount Lemmon at the University of Arizona. Her passions include learning about emerging technologies, astronomy, coding, and robotics.




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Mon Aug 24, 2020 8:05 PM in Remote STEM Learning
There are a variety of ways STEM can be taught online: 1) Coding Simulator Programs, Microbit,  This simulator acts similar to microbit students, can design code that will show their name, play games, practice if then statements with the A and B buttons.    2) Game Design, Meowbit,    Students can learn about the fo...

Mon Aug 24, 2020 7:51 PM in Distance Learning Problems
Hi, yes, I am sure we will see issues with equity with distance learning. Especially if students live in a district where districts or internet cannot be provided.  When it comes to elementary students if teachers are flexible with due dates and do not deduct for late assignments/projects/work that is key. Teachers can utilize video and make sure that there is a variety of communication methods f...

Sun Aug 23, 2020 11:54 AM in Learning Online
Hi Victoria,  Near pod and Pear Deck are pretty similar they both make interacting with slides more interactive. I believe nearpod may have a few more features than pear deck. Near pod has virtual field trips, PhET virtual labs, and many other choices. I guess it is what you prefer. Check out my article this month in Science Scope, my column is the Online Teacher, Creating A New Environment Fo...