1st Grade Parts of a Plant
Posted in Life Science by Diana Vasquez
Today, 11:06 PM

Hello! I am creating a lesson for 1st grade in which students are going to learn the parts of a plant. For my engagemen... View full post
Help - Flow of Energy
Posted in Elementary Science by Meghan Burns
Today, 8:08 PM

For my lesson on ecosystems and food chains for 3rd graders, I am having my students glue different ecosystems onto man... View full post
Kindergarten: Weather lesson
Posted in Early Childhood by Bev Bev DeVore-Wedding
Today, 6:22 PM

Hello Cindy, I use NOAA National weather service daily to look at local and national weather. I use the local fore... View full post
5E Lesson Plan: Parts of a Plant
Posted in Elementary Science by Morgan Fletcher
Today, 6:05 PM

Hi Dahlia, I think your activity is great and I know that first graders would love to engage in an activity involving r... View full post
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