Remote STEM Learning
Posted in STEM by Maia Neidig
Today, 12:32 AM

Hello! My name is Maia, I am a teacher candidate at Penn State Harrisburg. With classes being moved to remote learni... View full post
Lesson Plan on Force, mortion, and energy
Posted in Physical Science by Brittani Coutard
Yesterday, 11:59 PM

Hi im Brittani. No need to worry theres lots of diffrent things you can incorparate with force and motion. What you can... View full post
balancing science instruction
Posted in New Teachers by Katherine Ort
Yesterday, 11:47 PM

As a PK-4 Teacher candidate getting ready to student teach I find myself wondering about how to utilize the limited amo... View full post
Change in shadows during day
Posted in Earth and Space Science by Brittani Coutard
Yesterday, 10:48 PM

Hi Natalie, this is a very interesting topic and i wish i was taught this as a 5th grader. For starters shadows are som... View full post
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