Engaging Students
Posted in Early Childhood by Ambar Garcia
Yesterday, 11:09 PM

How does an early childhood teacher prepare lessons in science? Especially given the fact that the teacher does not fe... View full post
STEM in my classroom
Posted in STEM by Ambar Garcia
Yesterday, 10:51 PM

I was unaware on what STEM really was, I had the misconception that it had something to do activity’s to help with sen... View full post
Student Teacher
Posted in New Teachers by Lesly Vivian
Yesterday, 8:22 PM

Student teaching is right around the corner for me and it seems a little nerve wrecking. Does anyone have any advice? ... View full post
Assigning Homework
Posted in New Teachers by Lesly Vivian
Yesterday, 8:12 PM

Homework is very impoartant it gives the students some extra help if needed in that field, and let the parents know whe... View full post
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