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Update your NSTA Profile

Become part of the NSTA professional learning community, sharing digital resources, ideas, and classroom strategies, and connect and learn about those with whom you are collaborating! Watch this video and update your profile today.

Building My Library

Build a library of resources by adding NSTA resources to your library. The Library is your virtual space in the NSTA Learning Center where all your resources are stored for easy access. You can also upload your own resources or your favorite URLs to your library. Building a library of resources helps you enhance your content and pedagogical knowledge. Watch this video and begin building your library of resources today!

Creating and Sharing Collections

Collections are "bundles" of resources from NSTA and other sources placed together to organize your library. Collections may be shared publicly and are real time savers when searching for resources on a topic. Create a collections of resources today ad share it with colleagues at your school or district. Better yet, make your collection “Public” so others can find it when searching for resources.

How to Make a Professional Learning Plan

My Learning Plan allows you to create a personalized plan that outlines your professional learning experiences over a period of time.

Forums and User Community

Learn more about the NSTA Learning Center Forums and User Community as well as how you can use its potential.