SciPack Content Mentors are content experts assigned to specific SciPacks. These content mentors are tasked with responding to teachers’ questions submitted via e-mail within the SciPacks. The SciPack Content Mentors respond to all questions within 48 hours and are available to respond to an unlimited number of questions.

Jack Dostal
Jack Dostal Jack is currently serves as a Lecturer in the Wake Forest University Physics Department. Jack received his B.S. from the University of Northern Iowa, his M.S. from Iowa State University and his Ph.D. in Physics from Montana State University. He served as both an Adjunct Instructor and an Adjunct Assistant Professor at the University of Montana and taught introductory upper division courses in Astronomy and Physics. Jack is published in The Astronomy Education Review and Lecture Tutorials in Introductory Astronomy and contributes to many conferences focusing on student understanding of introductory astronomy and physics.

Jason Krumholz
Jason Krumholz Dr. Jason Krumholz completed his Ph.D. in 2012 from the University of Rhode Island Graduate School of Oceanography studying the impact of nutrient load reductions on estuarine ecology. He is presently a fisheries ecologist with the NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center. He has a Masters degree in Marine Affairs from URI, and a Bachelors in Biology from Lawrence University. His research focuses on temperate and tropical coastal ecology, habitat restoration, and coastal mitigation. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, skiing, ice hockey, and spending time with his wife Emily and son Charlie (2). Jason serves as a content mentor for the following SciPacks: Cell Division & Differentiation, Cells & Chemical Reactions, Regulation & Behavior of Organisms, Heredity & Variation, Biological Evolution, Natural Selection, Interdependence of Life, Flow of Matter in Ecosystems, Coral Reef Ecosystems, Oceans Effect on Weather & Climate, and Resources & Human Impact.

Sytil Murphy
Sytil Murphy Dr. Sytil Murphy has been an NSTA mentor since the project began in 2006. She received her PhD in physics in 2008 from Montana State University and is currently an Assistant Professor of Physics at Shepherd University in West Virginia. During her graduate work, she did research on a three-color laser system. Her present research interests are in Physics Education Research – studying how students learn and think about physics and then trying to develop ways to best teach physics. Sytil serves as the content mentor for the following SciPacks: Force and Motion, Energy, Magnetic & Electric Forces, Nature of Light, Elements, Atoms and Molecules, Atomic Structure, and Chemical Reactions. Reactions.

Michael Rhodin
Michael Rhodin Michael received his Ph.D. in cell biology and molecular genetics from the University of Maryland College Park and is currently working as a scientist on therapeutic solutions for Hepatitis C viral infection at Enanta Pharmaceuticals in Watertown, MA. Between receiving his BS in biology from Trinity College, CT in 2002, and returning to graduate school, Michael worked for several years in the biotechnology industry in MA at Syntonix Pharmaceuticals, isolating recombinant proteins, and at Acambis Pharmaceuticals, developing a next generation smallpox vaccine. Michael has been an NSTA science mentor since 2008 providing assistance with the following SciPacks: Cell Structure & Function, Cell Division & Differentiation, Science of Food Safety, and Nutrition.